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UHP 550mm 22 Inch Graphite Electrode For Electric Arc Furnace

Short Description:

UHP graphite electrode is selected the highest quality raw materials – including petroleum coke, needle coke, and coal asphalt – before carefully mixing them together in a predetermined ratio. This ensures that the resulting product will have the perfect balance of strength, conductivity, and resistance.

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Technical Parameter




UHP 550mm(22”) Data

Nominal Diameter




Max Diameter



Min Diameter



Nominal Length



Max Length



Min Length



Max Current Density



Current Carrying Capacity



Specific Resistance






Flexural Strength






Young’s Modulus






Bulk Density












Ash Content






NOTE:Any specific requirement on dimension can be offered.

Characters & Applications

UHP graphite electrode used in high power electric arc furnace steel making,due to its numerous advantages including a low resistance, low consumption rate, good electric and thermal conductivity, high oxidation resistance, high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock, high mechanical strength, and high machining accuracy. These advantages make the UHP Graphite Electrode the perfect choice for those who are looking for high-quality graphite electrodes that can provide excellent performance and reliability.Gufan UHP Graphite electrode can short the steel making production time, also can increase production efficiency, lower power consumption and reduce the rate of graphite electrode consumption.

Gufan Advantages

Gufan takes pride in delivering unparalleled quality, reliability, and performance for our customers, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way with a team of expert technicians who can answer any questions you may have about our products, as well as a comprehensive support network to ensure that you have everything you need to make the most of your investment.

When can I get the price?

We usually quote within 24 hours after getting your detailed requirements, like size, quantity etc. If it is an urgent order,we will be grateful for your prompt calling.

Does Gufan Carbon Co.,Ltd. supply samples?

Sure, we can supply samples for free, and the freight will be undertaken by clients.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your “One-Stop-Shop” for GRAPHITE ELECTRODE at the guaranteed lowest price

From the moment you contact Gufan, our team of experts are committed to providing outstanding service, quality products, and timely delivery, and we stand behind every product we produce.

Use the highest quality materials and manufacture the products by professional production line.

All products are tested by high-precision measurement between graphite electrodes and nipples.

All the specifications of the graphite electrodes meet industry and quality standards.

Supplying correct grade,specification and size to meet the customers’ application.

All graphite electrode and nipples have been passed the final inspection and packaged for delivery.

We also offer accurate and timely shipments for a trouble-free start to finish electrode order process

GUFAN customer services is committed to providing exceptional customer service at every stage of the product usages,Our team supports all customers to achieve their operational and financial targets through the provision of critical support in essential areas.

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